Featured guest on the American Birding Association’s “American Birding Podcast,” released on December 9, 2021.

Special guest on the Casual Birder Podcast’s 100th episode, released on 5/27/21.

Virtual presentation for Fyke Nature Association about the making of the album on 5/21/21.

Musical guest for Flat Rock Brook Nature Association’s Annual Fundraising Gala on 9/22/20.

Featured guest on Women Birders (Happy Hour) podcast on 7/23/20.

“Migration Is Over” video Tweeted out by “BirdWatching Magazine” on 6/18/20. Link to video available in the Tweet!

Excellent review in the May/June 2020 issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest.

Featured guest on episode #29 of Birdshit Podcast on 4/13/20.

Featured on News 12 NJ’s “Positively New Jersey” show, broadcast on 4/7/20 and 4/8/20, and on the News 12 NJ site.

Write-up in “How to Know the Birds: No 30” column on the American Bird Association website on 3/24/20.

Featured article and live performance of “Violet-crowned Hummingbird” in “Songs to See Us Through” series on on 3/21/20.

Spectacular review in the February 2020 issue of the American Birding Association’s “Birding” magazine.

Featured guest on BirdTalk radio show and podcast on KNUS on 2/29/20.

Women of Substance Podcast: “Northern Mockingbird” featured on episode #1041 on 1/27/20, “Veery” on episode #1056 on 2/19/20, and “Blue Jay” on episode #1059 on 2/26/20.

Write-up in “How to Know the Birds: No 25” column on the American Bird Association website on 1/14/20.

Cygnus Radio – Franorama 2.0: ENTIRE album played on 1/9/20 show, 3 songs played on 1/16/20 show, “Northern Lapwing” played on 1/30/20 show, Ruby-crowned Kinglet played on 2/6/20 and 2/13/20 shows, and “House Sparrow” played on 2/20/20 and 3/5/20 shows!

Review/article in “Birdwatch Magazine” (UK) in January 2020 issue. Click image to read:

Featured guest on The Casual Birder Podcast (episode #69), released 12/14/19.

Full feature in “Deep Roots” magazine on 10/22/19.

Full feature in “BirdWatching” magazine on 10/17/19.

Review in That Music Mag on 10/17/19.

Review/interview on 10,000 Birds on 10/12/19.

Full feature in “The Aquarian” on 9/11/19.

Review on on 9/3/19.

Featured guest on 8/28/19 on NPR-affiliate WMNF in Tampa, FL, on Duncan Strauss’s Talking Animals Radio Show.

Featured guest on 8/25/19 on Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds Radio Show, broadcast on 16 radio stations in the New England area and living as a podcast on the Talkin’ Birds website.

Featured guest on 8/14/19 on Stereo Embers The Podcast by Alex Green of “Stereo Embers Magazine.” I discuss music and birds, and birds and music.

From Tammy Faye Starlite: “‘There Are Birds’ is absolutely brilliant! It’s like heaven from a halcyon 1960s future. Stephanie’s voice, her lyrics, the diversity of musical styles (especially the Andrews Sisters-style “Migration Is Over”) – completely gorgeous all the way through. Everyone should own this album. It brings so much joy and beauty! Thank you for such an incredible and necessary gift.”

Full feature in the Entertainment section of “The West Milford Messenger” 8/13/19 (also ran in The Chronicle and The Advertiser-News – North and South):

From “The Record” on 8/8/19:

Musical/field notes

Songs about birds are seldom written by people who actually know their subjects. Thus, red-red robins go bob-bob bobbin’ along, eagles fly to the sea, and so forth.

Enter “There Are Birds,” a new CD by singer-songwriter and bird-watching colleague Stephanie Seymour of Ringwood. For birders, her songs are sounds for sore ears. Seymour’s voice is lilting, and her melodies are refreshingly upbeat and lyrical.

Of the album’s dozen songs, 11 are named for birds, from baby sparrows to majestic eagles, and the lyrics reflect Seymour’s affection and expertise. They are the most bird-oriented I’ve ever heard, and they resonate all the more because of it.

The songs can be poignant. Take “Veery,” about a certain denizen of Englewood’s Flat Rock Brook.

“So many spots are marked by memories of birds,
But one is dearest to my heart.
It’s where that thrush would hop right up to my feet
As words would carry in the breeze.”

The musicians accompanying her on the album are top-drawer as well. For example, James Mastro, the lead guitarist on “Black-throated Blue Warbler,” has performed with Ian Hunter and Patti Smith. Drummer Sim Cain has played with the likes of the Rollins Band and T-Bone Burnett.

With their help, Seymour’s first solo flight truly takes off.

Featured in “New & Notables” section on 8/2/19 on “Blue Jay” was featured on 8/5 on “New NJ Music” show.

Featured in “What’s In-Store Music” newsletter on 7/24/19. Click HERE.

Featured on The Atlantic Tunnel on The Face Radio on 7/15/19.